I started my own business at just sixteen

Hi there, Hope you all are enjoying your life. This is my first blog and in this one, I am going to tell you something which is not so ordinary (According to me). Actually, this is about "How I started my own business at just sixteen years of experience in this world. Mean's yeah! I am just sixteen years old and I'm running a business or startup depends on what you call it. I started a clothing brand called "Dashons" where I print designs on t-shirts and sell it in the online market and sometimes also supply it in the offline market like local stores and shopping malls. And I proudly say that I am generating enough money to fulfilling my needs at this stage. Maybe that in future my needs will increase but my income will also increase day by day. So now the first will raise in your mind will be that how I started that. So for that read below:

How I start my own business/startup? One day I was just thinking about how can I make money online and searching about tha…